I like it, its a bit weird, BTW I vote always
Posted on 7/16/14 9:55 PM

Piękny obrazek...
Posted on 4/7/13 2:11 AM

this was very hard. I've had so many mistakes...
P.S. I vote always emoticon
P.S.2 I like very much your puzzles
P.S.3 Her right eye is weird emoticon
Posted on 3/22/13 4:25 PM

Thanks for voting!!!! I agree, the right eye looks weird. I tried to fix it but it only got worse, so I decided to leave it as it is.
Posted on 9/13/13 3:34 PM as reply to wojciagn

Hi ANA_LILI ! I've been solving your puzzles for a while by now, and this one does'nt match your style.
I'm fond of your Crocodile and your Flamingo ! Sorry for the 50% but this one seems to be made only for the points. BTW, thanks for the points :-).
Posted on 3/20/13 6:45 PM

Thanks for the feedback. I did not know I had a particular style. Thanks for voting, only 15.8% of the solvers vote, in my puzzles.
Posted on 3/21/13 1:11 PM as reply to cestunange

You actually have a style, as a prolific maker, when doing "Liitle misses.." You can solve it, for sure, and without counting,
draw the black lines, and then fill the color in ; or, what I do the most often, color the big areas and then draw the black lines.
What about "koko" and ... the birds (6*6) at the top... the small fishes (2*5 / 2*4) depending of the orientation... What about Galocha2003 !
You draw, you don't think... Yes, you've got a style, your own, and I like it.
Posted on 4/3/13 7:27 PM as reply to ana_lili