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07-05-2012 15:22
As of today, all the griddlers are telling me a need a plugin, but when I try to download it, my computer tells me it doesn't exist.  I'm running 10.6.8 and using the latest version of Firefox. I was able to solve puzzles yesterday, but not today. Any suggestions?

RE: Plugin?
07-05-2012 15:57 as a reply to bellie42.
I guess that 10.6.8 is Mac OS X. Java on their site says: If you have problems with downloading, installing or using Java on Mac, please contact Apple Technical Support.
Well, this is not very helpful.
You can try to install OpenJDK 7 from this site: there are also instructions how to install it. While installing Java, be sure you have closed Firefox, it could prevent install the plugin.


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