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Final G-Match, Tournament 12: Saturday, June 9, 7PM GMT

Final G-Match (Round 12):
As stated last week, we aren't going to write down the number of puzzles, nor the releases times of the puzzles. However, a quick look at the page you visit every couple of weeks will reveal one of the two.
The first puzzle will be released at :05, the last one at :55
There is no multi in this round.
There is no need for a password to open the puzzles.

Score and Position:
The Score and Position is updated while solving. Click HERE to check it.

Schedule of the next G-Matches(*):
Round 01 - Saturday, January 7, 9AM GMT.
Round 02 - Saturday, January 21, 9PM GMT.
Round 03 - Saturday, February 4, 3AM GMT.
Round 04 - Saturday, February 18, 3PM GMT.
Round 05 - Saturday, March 3, 11AM GMT.
Round 06 - Saturday, March 17, 11PM GMT.
Round 07 - Saturday, March 31, 5AM GMT.
Round 08 - Saturday, April 14, 5PM GMT.
Round 09 - Saturday, April 28, 1AM GMT.
Round 10 - Saturday, May 12, 1PM GMT.
Round 11 - Saturday, May 26, 7AM GMT.
Final Match - Saturday, June 9, 7PM GMT.

(*) Please note that we may need to change the schedule due to the site's maintenance work or unexpected circumstances.

Countdown Clock:
Use the countdown clock to calculate your local time.

G-Match - 12th Tournament Plan:
The full plan of the 12th G-Match tournament is described HERE.

G-Match First-Timer?
If it's your first time to play the G-Match - visit the Help page.

Good luck, everyone! :-)
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