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16-07-2012 21:45
I'm undergoing some chemotherapy and sitting there reading for 8 hr is a bit much. So I printed some of the small black and white griddlers. Don't need to concentrate too much to solve them but it passes the time niecely. May recruit some more fans that way. They don't have a clue what I'm doing and they come to ask (I also bring a larger puzzle that is solved so that they can see that it is not only trivial problems). Thanks for the option to print those puzzles.


RE: Chemotheraphy
17-07-2012 5:12 as a reply to edgarfrancois.
Hi Edgar,
Let us know if there's anything we can do to assist you or your "mates" in the oncology ward.
Good luck with your journey.

RE: Chemotheraphy
03-09-2013 20:08 as a reply to edgarfrancois.

Hope everything goes nicely. My mom's six years in remission c:
I've also gotten a lot of my friends into griddlers! Spreading the fun!

Best of luck!

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