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Help with solving
12-01-2013 17:50
I am stuck on the attached puzzle.
Can someone please identify where I can fill in my next cell without having to guess?
Many thanks in anticipation.
(I am hoping and assuming that I haven't gone wrong somewhere.  I don't think I have!)

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RE: Help with solving
13-01-2013 8:18 as a reply to Herrkutz.
Hi Herrkutz emoticon

Check out column 4. You have 1 block of dark 2 marked, if you count the column, that block has to be the center 2 of the 3 dark 2's. That means that below that block of 2 you have to place 2-1-5, and if you count you will see that you can place one block of the bottom 2 emoticon That should help you get going again emoticon

Good luck, Maarten

BTW, this is in my opinion by far the most difficult 2-coloured puzzle on the entire site!

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RE: Help with solving
13-01-2013 10:42 as a reply to dreamtheater.
Thanks Maarten.
I will try that and let you know how I get on.


RE: Help with solving
13-01-2013 19:53 as a reply to Herrkutz.
Puzzle solved.
Thanks to Maarten for the tip.
I'm annoyed with myself for not spotting it.

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