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Leaving my favorite game site

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Leaving my favorite game site
31-08-2012 1:06
SInce installing and then uninstalling the newest Java download for Mac, I am giving up and I quess never playing Griddlers again.   Doesn't seem to be an easy fix for using a mac and this site.

RE: Leaving my favorite game site
31-08-2012 14:08 as a reply to Arlene2604.
I am sorry you feel like that. But of course, if you can't use the site, you have nothing to do in here. Please remember that the number of systems is enormous. Also remember that this time the problem happened because of Java and not us. And yet we stand put in order to help our users.
We even offer a revolutionary help which I believe no other website ever offered: Rasto gets into the problematic computer and many times he managed to fix the problem. He has saved a lot of users this way. Of course, it sounds "frightening". Who wants anyone to get into their PC (Private Computer)? I always reply and say that the last thing that Rasto wants to do is spending time in others' computer. He has a lot of other things to do, more interesting and more important.
If you want to get Rasto's help - contact him via the site's message box or send him an email - rasto@griddlers.net . But before you do that, please check again that your latest version of Java is 6 and not any furgher.

RE: Leaving my favorite game site
01-09-2012 12:20 as a reply to Arlene2604.
Hi , I am also a Mac user a for some other proect I'v installed Java OpenJDK 7 am I am quite happy with it. Installation is described in this forum.

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