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Alien ideas!
22.1.2009 2:15
I'm running out of things for my alien to do! I've got him doing everything from baking to rock climbing to surfing.

I really like making the "alien" puzzles because working with a non-human form is really liberating. I can make his arms and legs however long I want, and his head as wide as I'd like, which makes it a lot more fun, rather than trying to get proportions to look right.

The ideal suggestion is an action that has a very specific pose to it. But I'll accept anything- I just want you all to post some ideas!


RE: Alien ideas!
22.1.2009 21:58 ako reakcia na hi19hi19.
I really like the alien puzzles now. How about him bowling, running, driving a tractor, farming or teaching. Those are just some ideas. I hope they help.

RE: Alien ideas!
22.1.2009 23:14 ako reakcia na tlym.
Thanks! That's a great set of ideas- especially driving a tractor! Farming Alien emoticon

I also got some great ideas from hagit herself, so expect some great ones coming up.

RE: Alien ideas!
12.4.2009 2:14 ako reakcia na hi19hi19.
hi19 fell i love with your aliens..any subject you select is good to go. when a day goes by without one of your aliens I am sad. you have lots of life to come up with, from sports to food to movies to just daily life. keep the little guys going. God bless you for giving me a lttle laugh each day.

RE: Alien ideas!
13.4.2009 14:57 ako reakcia na lioness999999.
I will try to make more aliens though i have much less time now.

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