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Grey box
2.7.2008 23:49
Hi, I'm sure this has been answered before, but I am still seeing the grey box in java. I just installed the newest version of java and am currently using firefox 3.0. I tested this in internet explorer as well and it does not work there either. I have already read the FAQ section and followed that advice to no avail. Any advice on how to troubleshoot this would be greatly appreciated.

RE: Grey box
3.7.2008 1:01 ako reakcia na Iaurhirwen.
I would like to add that I am using Microsoft XP and that all of the other data associated with the puzzles appear (poll, author, size, colors, etc.) it is simply the puzzle in and of itself that is a grey box.

RE: Grey box
3.7.2008 7:37 ako reakcia na Iaurhirwen.
Welcome to the site! :-)

I can see through your profile that you already solved some puzzles. Am I right to guess that the problem is gone? Or was it the Solve button that you found and clicked to open the puzzle?


RE: Grey box
9.11.2008 16:02 ako reakcia na hagitm.
I think I'm having the same problem. I can access puzzles through griddlers lite but when I try from the list of triddlers or griddlers I don't have the puzzle displayed. I uninstalled java 10 so now just have 6 & 7.

RE: Grey box
9.11.2008 19:38 ako reakcia na blumfette.
Hi Jo,

What happens if you try one of the other links to the site, like www.triddlers.com instead of griddlers.net? Do the puzzles open for you? In that case, you need to clear the cache and you'll be able to access them again by the link you are used to.

If this does not help, contact us again!


RE: Grey box
17.7.2012 15:40 ako reakcia na Jeltje.
Hi all,

I am having the similar problem, I just reinstalled window 7, and tried different browsers (firefox, IE9 and chrome) to play but all failed. I was using Google chrome to play before.

The page could not display properly, there is no "solve" button on page, and so words are missing.
I tried to delete the cookies and reinstall the java (6 and 7) but still, the page did not load well.
The attached is the screen capture of the page on my computer.

Hope you can provide the solution for me.


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RE: Grey box
18.7.2012 5:46 ako reakcia na kingwat.
Go to Add/Remove Programs and remove everything related to Java. And I mean - everything! The problems always start with having several versions, one contradicts another.

After removing Java from your programs - go to http://www.java.com and install Java for Windows 7.

It should be enough to fix the problem, but if you still don't see everything correctly - uninstall and reinstall Webstart.


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