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Java trouble, maybe

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Java trouble, maybe
5.8.2011 6:14
I am having a minor problem, the window where I solve the griddlers, keeps refreshing every 3rd to 6th second. It is not like the problem some time ago where it refreshed constantly, but i changed the variable anyway, without any change.

This being a new pc, I only have java 6 update 26 installed. From the start there where no problems, but yesterday i noticed this. For a week I´ve been solving sudoku and triddlers only, and no trouble there at all.

Windows 7 updated, Firefox 5. any additional info needed, just ask.
Sincerely BEK

RE: Java trouble, maybe
6.8.2011 22:21 ako reakcia na chescape.
There is trouble, not even one response, nor a request for more info.
I hope it is solved before the last round of the G-match.

RE: Java trouble, maybe
11.8.2011 19:48 ako reakcia na chescape.
It is the same behaviour in Google Chrome, so it must be Java.
What faulty setting can cause this kind of problem. Anyone with some kind of idea, i need this fixed before the last round in the current G-match.

I have made a small videoclip with my phone,
View My Video

I hope it works.

RE: Java trouble, maybe
12.8.2011 8:29 ako reakcia na chescape.
My suggestion is to use Google. First, find what video card you have on your computer. Then - search it with the Java version you have on your computer and a short description of the problem.

BTW, have you tried to go back to a prior version of Java?


RE: Java trouble, maybe
14.8.2011 20:54 ako reakcia na hagitm.
I couldn´t get anywhere with your suggestions, It is some "intel(R) HD Graphics" card. Going to intel own homepage trying to make the application there identify the card... No result. It is something onboard graphics card. built into this Acer Aspire.

Prior version of java, where can I download an older java version. I can only find the newest on www.java.com. As described in my first post, there is only the newest update on this pc.

You can however clear this problem as nonexcisting. Without having done anything !! But search for solutions, During the last G-match and after that I´ve been able to solve griddlers normally, the applet does NOT refresh constantly anymore. I don´t know why.

Sincerely yours

RE: Java trouble, maybe
14.12.2011 6:10 ako reakcia na chescape.
I've got the exact same problem with Griddlers. Every 5 seconds or so it refreshes which is very annoying.

I'm using Windows 7, Chrome and have a GForce graphic adapter.

The problem occured some days ago, so I updated Java but that doesn't fix it.

Can anyone help please?

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