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Personal Milestone!

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Personal Milestone!
7.9.2010 22:07
On this day, I achieved a goal that I've been working toward for over 3 years - 1,000,000 SOLVERS!! :thumbup:

I would like to thank those who have taken the time to solve my griddlers. I'm also very appreciative of solvers who take the time to comment on them. Personally, I pay more attention to the comments, rather than the votes. In many cases it is through the comments that you can really tell the difference between a good puzzle and a great puzzle.

Although I absolutely hate when someone gives a puzzle an extremely low score, I am also grateful for those who leave comments to explain their vote. I find that the lower scores can be a great guideline in determining which types of griddlers to create and which to avoid.

In addition I would like to thank all of the authors. At times when I couldn't think of new ideas, many different puzzles have inspired me and sparked new ideas! And lastly, a special thanks to Hagit and the griddler team for all of your patience and support!

Now I just have to reach 1,000,000 triddlers solvers and then I will be satisfied! ;)

RE: Personal Milestone!
8.9.2010 8:03 ako reakcia na outlawtorn7.
Congratulation for your achievement! I must admit that I love your small puzzles. You can tell a whole story in a 5x5 or 10x10 grid.

Good luck with the new goal you set for yourself. Having a one million solved triddlers may take some time, but it is doable!


RE: Personal Milestone!
8.9.2010 10:07 ako reakcia na outlawtorn7.
Congrats! I've solved many of your puzzles as well and enjoyed them a lot.
Your post inspired me to compare it to my statistics. Funnily, my first griddler published was roughly 1 year ago, and today I had 333,000 solved. So I'm on schedule!emoticon

RE: Personal Milestone!
9.9.2010 7:35 ako reakcia na outlawtorn7.
Congrats from me too.
I enjoy doing your puzzles because you get such a good result for so little work on the smaller ones.

Keep them coming emoticon

RE: Personal Milestone!
9.9.2010 21:51 ako reakcia na hagitm.
congrats from me too

Solving your griddlers is no waste of time. I like them and I hope you will make a lot of more griddlers.


RE: Personal Milestone!
25.2.2012 8:50 ako reakcia na outlawtorn7.
so i didn't really wanted to start another thread for this post.  I just wanted to mention a new milestone - I have now created 1000 griddlers!! thank you to all who have solved my puzzles over the last few years! Looking forward to the next 1000! emoticon
-zjmonty/outlaw (whichever you prefer emoticon)

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