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What's your New Year's Resolution?

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What's your New Year's Resolution?
1.1.2011 2:46
As we begin a new year, I am hoping to make an improvement in my life. My personal resolution is to cut down on all of the junkfood I eat and also increase my exercise by running on a daily basis. This brings me to my next question...

What is your New Year's Resolution? :o

RE: What's your New Year's Resolution?
1.1.2011 11:53 ako reakcia na zjmonty.
Since September 2007 I don't smoke anymore, so my new year's resolution is simple but sincere. I receive English lessons but I don't like it too much (my foreign language is German, I love the grammar of this language), and I promise to go to my English class with better disposition.
Happy New Year 2011!!!
¡¡¡Feliz año nuevo!!!

RE: What's your New Year's Resolution?
4.1.2011 16:10 ako reakcia na zjmonty.
I think my Griddlers resolution for 2011 will be to solve all of the puzzles by outlawtom7 (yes, even the multi-million point ones!).

Long term, I eventually want to make it onto the leaderboard for top Griddlers solvers. I only have 517 places to go!

RE: What's your New Year's Resolution?
6.1.2011 6:30 ako reakcia na zjmonty.
For 2011 I resolve to:

1) Solve every single griddler on this site. Twice.
2) Be number one in every G-Match and T-Match.
3) Triple my solving speed.
4) Create puzzles that always rate 100%, even forcing those clowns who always vote zero percent to realize how brilliant my puzzles are.
5) Learn to fly without wings. Or learn to swim without fins, as it were.

RE: What's your New Year's Resolution?
6.1.2011 9:10 ako reakcia na mudshark.
WOW ! what a creative way to start the new year emoticon

one thing is for sure - when we set our goals we can acheive them
or a quote i love - Be carfull what you wish for because it might come true emoticon

Happy New Year !


"All smart things begin with Griddlers"

RE: What's your New Year's Resolution?
13.1.2011 21:18 ako reakcia na elimaor.
My first resolution is to come back here. I haven't been able to spend time here for the last year or so, due to lack of time and ... of computer mouse (I'm just not able to solve using only a touchpad).
Another resolution is to finish my post-grad studies and pass the DELE Intermedio (which means lots of learning Spanish).
I would also like to create at least one new griddler.
Losing some weight wouldn't be bad too...
And, finally, I'd like to visit Finland again... (wishes)

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