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We want to meet you!

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We want to meet you!
19.2.2008 21:31
Hi everyone!

During the last chats there has been some talk about having another Meeting in the Netherlands. We've had one before, the first International Griddlers Meeting happened in Delft in 2005 and was a big succes!

It seems we have a nice group of people already who are interested in meeting once more. Not only Dutch people, but also solvers from Belgium and Germany as well who'd like to come. For now the idea is that the location will be somewhere in the South of the Netherlands or in Belgium.

On Thursday February 21th at 8pm GMT, we will have a special chat, dedicated to our meeting plans. Everyone will be welcome to join us and find out more! However, some of the chat will be in Dutch and German this time.

For an impression of the first International Meeting in the Netherlands, check these photos!

We hope to meet you in our chat on Thursday and in real life later this year!

Bullfrosch, Jodmie and Jelga

Re: We want to meet you!
21.2.2008 23:14 ako reakcia na Meeting.
We had a nice chat tonight, with some great ideas. One of the plans that has been mentioned is to have a geo-caching trip - a wonderful way to get to know the surroundings where we will be staying. If you don't know what it is, during the chat it was defined like this: Someone is hiding a box of tupperware in the wood, publishes the GPS coordinates and you try to find it.

Where we will meet we don't know yet. Right now we are thinking about the region where the Dutch, German and Belgium borders meet - somewhere around Düsseldorf, Maastricht and the Ardennes. Anyone who knows nice places where a group of 20-50 can stay for not too much money is invited to mention this in this forum.

As for the date - so far the weekend of August 29-31 seems to be most convinient. Please tell us - in the forum or in a private message - if these dates are convienient for you.

When you are sending us a message anyway, please send us your e-mail adress too, so that we can add you to our mailinglist and keep you informed about the plans. It might be useful to know where you live too - if just to get an idea about how far people are prepared to travel.

In about two weeks we will have another Meeting-chat and decide about the dates and possibly the place.

Bullfrosch, Jodmie and Jelga :hello:

Re: We want to meet you!
22.2.2008 22:26 ako reakcia na Meeting.
During the chat people started to look for places where we could stay. The place we look for should cost us 50 euro's for the weekend max. We would like to have our own community room, so that we won't bother other guests with our chatting and solving. It would be perfect if we could cook our own meals and if there is an internet connection. A nice extra would be a place outside to have a barbeque and/or a campfire.

Here are the links we found so far. Please tell us which ones you'd like and give us other possibilities too! Most links are only in Dutch, but you'll get the idea.




http://www.nobel-country-gite.be (nice but too expesive for us)

[url=http://sol.scouting.nl/frontend/sol/index.php?task=ac_search&action=search&button=btnview&acc_id=1316&selected_acc_nm=&selected_prv_id=&selected_cac_id=&selected_loc_max_persons_ct=&selected_loc_city=&select_label_yn=&order_by=selected_loc_city] http://sol.scouting.nl





Re: We want to meet you!
11.3.2008 21:09 ako reakcia na Meeting.
Hi everyone,

On Thursday March 13th at 21.00 Dutch/German time we like to chat about the plans for the Meeting. The date has been decided – it’ll be the weekend of August 29-31. And the first positive replies from Finland are in!

In the forum you’ll find a number of links to websites about group accomodations. Thursday we’ll discuss which ones seem suitable and which ones aren’t. Please check the locations and if you know anything else/better – please tell us! We want to make reservations soon – after that we’ll start making more plans!

Bullfrosch, Jelga and Jody

Re: We want to meet you!
16.3.2008 9:50 ako reakcia na Meeting.
Thursday we talked about the possible locations for the meeting and found two favorits. We'll check out their avaibility, prices and of course if they have internet ;)

Here are the links to the two favorits:

and of course you can read the whole conversation in the chatlog ...

Jelga, Jody und bullfrosch
Prílohy: chatmarch13th.doc.doc (95,0k)

Re: We want to meet you!
26.3.2008 20:51 ako reakcia na Meeting.
The plans have changed into something to look foreward to....

After comparing the alternatives we reached the conclusion that the Struchterhof is the best location to spent our next Meeting. Everything we'll need will be available there. To have a look at the location, visit www.struchterhof.nl (unfortunately it's in Dutch).

More details will follow soon.

Looking forward to see you all on august 29th.

Jeltje, Jody und bullfrosch

RE: Re: We want to meet you!
28.5.2008 21:57 ako reakcia na jodmie.
Last Monday we had another chat about the Meeting. A couple of new names were there and by now they have faces for us too! This way we all get a nice impression of who will be there. Are you joining us too? Please, email your photo to holland@griddlers.net and it will be added to the page.

The chatlog is attached, you can read our discussions there. Part of it was in Dutch, spiced with some German and Finnish though. If you don't understand and want to know more, please ask! We had great fun and will repeat casual chats like this on a regular basis. They will be announced in the forum, but you can also pass along your emailaddress and we will keep you up to date.

Last but not least: We have a special page about the Meeting now. It contains all known information so far and will be updated soon with more useful things to know.

Hope to see you soon!

Bullfrosch, Jody and Jelga
Prílohy: chat 26 may 2008.doc (137,5k)

RE: We want to meet you!
5.6.2008 15:55 ako reakcia na Meeting.
we had yesterday an other chat about the next international griddlers-meeting in august.
we now have a banner - thank you elad for your beautiful designs - ,
we were even more international - guests from norway and england,
talked a bit about the costs,
and solved the first griddler specially designed for the meeting.

we updated the meeting-page for you.
have fun reading the chatlog,
see you soon
Jodmie, Jelga und bullfrosch
Prílohy: meeting-chatlog-4-jun-2008.doc (132,0k)

RE: We want to meet you!
20.7.2008 19:54 ako reakcia na Meeting.
Only six weeks to go until the Meeting is there! About time to meet each other once more in chat. We planned a chat on Wednesday July, 23rd, 7pm GMT. We would like to hear from you what time you'll be arriving on Friday night, if you'd like to have dinner then, if you require a special diet and so on. The plans on Saturday also need refining. Some people would like a GPS-trip, but what would you like to do if you don't like a good hike?

We hope to see you in chat this Wednesday! Even if you can't be there at the Meeting, you're welcom to join us in the chat and listen to our plans. There will be some Dutch and German talk, but mostly it'll be English anyway!

Greetings, jodmie, bullfrosch and Jeltje.

RE: We want to meet you!
26.7.2008 20:30 ako reakcia na Meeting.
We had a quiet chat, a lot of people seem to be on vacation! But we have some new names an faces anyway, check this page to see them.

We already set the date for the next chat: Wednesday August, 20th, 7pm GMT. We hope to see you there as well! :hello:

Greetings, bullfrosh, jeltje & jodmie
Prílohy: chatlog 23 juli.doc (27,2k)

RE: We want to meet you!
21.8.2008 14:52 ako reakcia na Jeltje.
I can't believe it, the thing I had to attend the weekend of the Meeting is canceled. A little bit to late you might say. Unfortunately I think it is a little bit to expensive paying 600 + euros for a plane ticket to get there emoticon

RE: We want to meet you!
21.8.2008 22:47 ako reakcia na Megara.
What a shame they cancelled it only now! Please keep looking for low budget flights, it would be great to have you with us. Don't just look for flights to Amsterdam, but make sure you try Düsseldorf (Germany), Brussels (Belgium), Rotterdam or Eindhoven. All those airports are quite close to Schin op Geul.

Well, Rotterdam isn't really, but you might just be able to get a lift if you don't arrive too late on Friday!


RE: We want to meet you!
22.8.2008 20:03 ako reakcia na Jeltje.
Here is the chatlog of the last chat before the Meeting. Everyone seems to be looking forward to the big event very much! A lot of promises to bring cakes, drinks or just plain food.

There is still place if you want to join us - just send a message to Meeting and we'll tell you all you need to know!

Jody, Jelga & Mischi
Prílohy: chat_log_dutch 20 augustus.doc (67,5k)

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