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New Zealand
9.10.2008 4:39
Hi there!

Just have some time left, so I thought I will put you up to date of my whereabouts in NZL.

Right now I'm in Gisborne. I really enjoy the travelling and the time here. What I'm also doing is looking for a job. So when I find something I might be able to come to the chat more often.

For all who are interested in my pictures from here, that's the link:


From there just find another link called "Neuseeland" and you can see the rest of my pictures.

Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I do taking them.


RE: New Zealand
9.10.2008 20:48 ako reakcia na Aditu911.
Thanks for sharing your photos, Jennifer. You have seen interesting places.

There used to be a single tree on the top of One Tree Hill, but it was removed in 2000 and hasn't been replaced. With or without the tree, the hill is still an important landmark in Auckland.

RE: New Zealand
25.10.2013 8:57 ako reakcia na Aditu911.
Hi Jennifer,  very nice pictures. I hope you can stay in this wunderful country. Best wishes

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