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incomplete multis
22.12.2011 21:01
I often find I have to save an empty or partially solved piece of a multi just so I can find it later-- otherwise I end up with several half-finished puzzles in my completed list, and have to go search and count, some of them are huge though (100 pcs.). Any way of grouping them, or showing overall completion % for multis? It would save a lot of searching, and allow me to open up some space in my saved puzzles list...

RE: incomplete multis
22.12.2011 22:51 ako reakcia na sgraver.
Do you use iGridd? In that case there is an easy solution: With multi's there is the option to show partially solved puzzles. You'll get a list of all multi's that you have solved at least one part of, but haven't finished yet. You can sort them on number of parts etc. You can even save the selection, so that you only need to open your saved lists to find them again.

Have fun solving!


RE: incomplete multis
11.3.2012 22:11 ako reakcia na Jeltje.
Thanks... still kind of a shame, though, that there isn't this capability otherwise. Whatever. At least I can make do that way. I'm now using iGridd to check lists, then finding the puzzles on the site-- I find I don't really like solving within the app as much...that's OK though. The main problem is that saved puzzles in iGridd don't transfer over to the website, and vice versa.

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