My suggestion for making better Griddlers.net

Hello everyone. I must say that this is the best site ever for solving griddlers, multigriddlers, triddlers etc. and I think it has everything!
The only thing that I think is missing is some help on every puzzle that exists. What I mean is a hint button when solving a puzzle, or something that can show you some moves you can make if you are stuck. I have find myself many times stuck on a puzzle without knowing what to do next and many times I had to guess and mess up with the puzzle.
Of course there would be a small penalty for using the hint button, such as losing a few points.

What's your opinion?
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RE: My suggestion for making better Griddlers.net
12.8.2013 16:24 ako reakcia na Dio P..
I think that a hint button is a really good idea! Sometimes you just can't solve the griddler or triddler. Maybe you can move on with a small hint.
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RE: My suggestion for making better Griddlers.net
12.8.2013 19:05 ako reakcia na marleen van Amstel.
Long time ago we decided to have no hint button. It is a rule and we are not going to change it.  Instead of hint button, there is forum category Get Help in Solving. It is more social than a computer button and also hint provided by other users is more usefull. People can tell you where you made mistake, where to look, what is the logic behind. It is not just "this  is black that is white".

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