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Extra Tools Page

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Extra Tools Page
11.4.2003 1:20

I know that all you care about is solving the puzzles. Yet, if you want to rest for a couple of minutes you can visit the Extra Tools page and view the new tools we have for solving puzzles. Some of the new users may find them useful.


Re: Extra Tools Page
11.4.2003 15:46 ako reakcia na hagitm.
Hi Hagit,

I looked at the extra tools page. I didn't know we could mark squares! And since we are having all these nice changes to the web site I will dare to ask if there will ever be a save feature? It could be simple...just one puzzle or even the ability to do a File-Save when you are in the puzzle. Is this too difficult to do? It's just some of these puzzles take SOOOOO long to do...

RE: Extra Tools Page
16.12.2011 2:17 ako reakcia na hagitm.
Hey, could someone please link me to this page? I can't find it, so I'm wondering if it's been removed. Please and thank you! emoticon

RE: Extra Tools Page
16.12.2011 6:54 ako reakcia na Austin911911.
the link is http://griddlers.net/pages/extra ( without www ), it will be moved soon to the new location.

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