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14.5.2008 11:53
Just wondering if there are any plans to accomodate Linux users in the future

RE: Linux
14.5.2008 12:03 ako reakcia na miffy360.
Just wondering if there are any plans to accomodate Linux users in the future

We have several users who have Linux as their OS. They can use everything on the site, even the iGridd/Webstart applets.

You need Java for Linux. You can download it from Java site. You also need to allow cookies and enable popups for "www.griddlers.net".

If you experience problems after doing the above - come back to this forum and tell us what doesn't work (page/s? applet/s?). Our Linux solvers will be happy to help you.


RE: Linux
16.11.2009 2:47 ako reakcia na miffy360.
The graphics card of my Windows PC decided to give up on me tonight leaving me with a black screen that made even solving black & whites rather challenging ;)

Anyway, I switched to my Linux PC (a heavily modified Fedora 5) and the Griddlers applet worked without any hassle. (If any Linux users would have problems with this, it's most likely a faulty integration of the Java system with the browser. That in turn can have several causes but most likely that will be a matter of rights and/or paths.)

I must say I appreciate it that the Griddlers team chose the Java platform for the application thus giving us frequently ignored Linux users 'equal opportunites' to become addicted to Griddlers. emoticon

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