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Java connection - language font problem ?

I have previously installed Java software to my computer for this site as I`m the active member of Griddlers since joined it last August. The puzzle in connection with Java installation while solving all the puzzles is excellent operation and quite fine without problem when I was in my native country, Australia. But, however, when I`m away at oversea in Tokyo, Japan for my three-weeks holiday, then I found out that the new problem with Java connection at my Japanese friend`s computer ( Windows XP ) as it is Japan-origin therefore the Java won`t work after made several successive installations. Of course, Java installation is THERE, okay, but it won`t showed the new puzzles at each time. 
How can it rectifying the existing problem and how to remedy it ? Font language refusal problem ??
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RE: Java connection - language font problem ?
11.7.2012 6:41 ako reakcia na Robert Tasman Hoskin.
Usually Rasto replies to those kind of messages/problems, but he won't be available in the next couple of weeks. So, there is a big difference if you ask only because you are curious to know why it happens or if you ask because there is a real problem.
In general I can tell you that it depends on the user's system. I, for example, have Hebrew enable. I can view Hebrew characters in the applet without a problem. A few years ago I needed to check the applet in Chinese, so I installed Chinese characters on my computer. I don't remember how I did it though.
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