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problem with Java

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problem with Java
29.10.2012 18:49
Hello, I`ve installed Java 7 update 9, I`ve got Chrome and Windows 7, and it doesn`t work. There is a red writing: Error: click for details. And when I click on it, there is: class not found exception. Can you help me, what`s the problem?

RE: problem with Java
29.10.2012 19:21 ako reakcia na pogi44.
it would be good to know which page it is exactly, e.g. page with one puzzle applet or iGridd applet.
I guess it is standard griddlers page.
Here in the forum you can find several tips what to do with Java:
- check Java proxy configuration and firewall settigns
- clear cache
- read error message from Java console
- uninstall latest version of Java
- setup Java to use older version for Java applets
- reinstall Java while all the browsers are closed


RE: problem with Java
29.10.2012 20:22 ako reakcia na Ra100.
thank you for answer, I uninstalled the latest version of Java and installed older version, and it works...

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