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I'm back and puzzling like I never left.

I'm back and puzzling like I never left.
27.11.2012 15:16
I think I've been absent from here for a couple of years now.  I wasn't having much time at home and I couldn't acces the website from work, where I had plenty of time.  But then last year I got pregnant in April.  This started a very busy year for me as me and my partner were both living with our own parents.  We got engaged at the end of April and Married in September.  Unfortunatly the house we had an offer accepted on was taking longer to go through than we thought so my husband moved in with me and my parents for a couple of months.  We got our house at the end of November but it needed some work doing so we decided to do this before moving in.  We moved in a week and a half later had one night in the house and then I went into hospital the next day to have our baby boy.  This came as a surprise as we'd been told it would be a girl.  However he was healthy and well which was the main thing.  Making last year a very busy but happy and eventful year.  Started back at work in September after having maternity leave. 

The systems at work have been upgraded and I now have access to all the puzzles again. My favourite being Triddlers and as I get free time at work I am now able to get solving again.  Hope to get my creative hat on again soon and create some more too. 

It's good to be back.
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RE: I'm back and puzzling like I never left.
27.11.2012 18:37 ako reakcia na Abigail Ward.
Welcome back, Bangled! Life certainly has changed for you, congratulations with your marriage & you son.
Here in the site a lot of things have changed as well, but the puzzles are just as nice as they used to be emoticon
Have fun solving!

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