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New applet problem, only with Froglet multi

When trying to load any of the puzzles from the newest B&W multi from strunka, the "Loading...." just hangs. This is with Mac OS 10.6.8 with Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Can load the puzzles with the old applet.

Oddly, single griddlers load just fine with the new applet.

I've tried rebooting, but that didn't accomplish anything. Java is up to date, not being blocked.

Update: Trying on another computer, running OS 10.7.5 also with updated Java. Immediately get an "Unresponsive script" message and hanging.

Could this be a problem only with this particular multi?

Another update: Tried to open another multi (recent one called Owl). Loads new applet fine. This appears to be a problem with only Froglet. There's a comment that I can't understand--it's in a language I don't recognize--but I think the comment says there's a problem with loading.
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RE: New applet problem, only with Froglet multi
14.2.2013 19:38 ako reakcia na Elisa Davis.
Hi, actually I can already open the puzzle. Sometimes it can take a few minutes to fully publish the puzzle. 
If it is still not working, please open Java console and send us the error message.
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RE: New applet problem, only with Froglet multi
14.2.2013 19:39 ako reakcia na Rastislav Rehák.
Thanks opens now.
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