Logic Puzzles For Clever Kids

Nedeľa, 2017, júna 4
Logic Puzzles For Clever Kids

We are happy to announce the publishing of the 1st Vol of Logic Puzzles For Clever Kids Series.

Great collection of logic puzzles designated for kids. The puzzles’ level is recommended for 7-14 year old kids.
This book features the classics logic games – Nonograms (aka Griddlers, Hanjie or Picross), Sudoku (Rectangular Blocks, No Blocks and Diagonal Variants), Kakuro and Paint by Numbers coloring grids.
This collection will guarantee a fun and creative brain activity. The puzzles are divided into categories, in each category puzzles are ordered from "easy" to "medium" difficulty.

Number of Puzzles - 182 Puzzles
Number of Paint By Numbers - 29 Coloring Grids

Number of Pages - 50 Pages

Download PDF eBook at - https://www.griddlers.net/pages/bookstore/-/books/716

Order Paperback book at - http://bit.ly/LogicPuzzlesForCleverKids