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Theoretical Discussion: Highest possible points?

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Obviously, it's fun to get high point puzzles. Not all high point puzzles, however, have a nice picture. This is a thread to discuss how well can you abuse the point-assigning program! Some things, such as the solver reads left to right and top to bottom, can be exploited to make it run extra cycles. For example, diagonal zigzags from top-left to bottom right are solved easily, whereas the same zigzag from top right to bottom left yields many more points.

Here's a quick attempt by me to get a very high point B&W... I'd love to see better!

Priponke: highpoints.PNG (16,3k)

RE: Theoretical Discussion: Highest possible points?
24.2.09 6:31 kot odgovor na hi19hi19.
It would be interesting to see what can be done with more than 2 colors. Most of the high point puzzles are 3 color puzzles. I'm curious if it's possible to get more points with more than 3 colors. While in my experience 4 color puzzles have fewer points than 3 color puzzles, there may be some way to trick the system into having to do a lot of color elimination. One puzzle that comes to mind is ruler, which is actually only a few million I think, although you may be able to do better by making some changes.

RE: Theoretical Discussion: Highest possible points?
24.2.09 7:00 kot odgovor na xitvono.
3 colors 197M, some changes can make 200M

RE: Theoretical Discussion: Highest possible points?
24.2.09 15:30 kot odgovor na Oskar.
My best with 3-color puzzles was 182 million... I'm amazed that anyone can get such high point values while also having a nice picture!

I think that 3 colors is hardest for the system to calculate. More colors seems to be giving it more information than the bare minimum, which makes it have lower points. My best 4 color puzzle isn't very far over 100 million, though I haven't tried long.

I wonder if anyone can make a 100 million B&W puzzle?

Priponke: 4colorpoints.PNG (16,9k)

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