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How to Update Griddlers from iGridd

Before I went away to a place I would not have Internet access, I subscribed to Griddlers, downloaded the iGridd applet and locally saved enough puzzles to last me until I returned. While I was gone, I solved a number of puzzles locally. Now that I am back, I would like to update my solved puzzles so that when I use the Internet to log onto Griddlers, the puzzles that I solved offline will be marked as solved. I have looked at all the help files, and all I can find is that when I start iGridd in the normal, not "offline" mode, the applet will do the updating automatically. It does not seem to do so, and I do not know how to do it manually. Can anyone help?
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RE: How to Update Griddlers from iGridd
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Hi, you can follow what the app is doing.
There is (hidden) directory in your user home ".iGridd", on windows it can be something like c:\Users\<your_windows_name>\.iGridd .
While you are offline all saved records are stored in files .iGridd\<your_griddlers_name>\gsolving<puzzle_number>.bix .
When you are online and start the iGridd, in login dialog click "OK" instead of "Offline"  , the app uploads these files on the server and renames them to gsolving<puzzle_number>.bix.bak . So according to files you have on your computer you can see if the records were uploaded or not.

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