iPad use
19.12.12 15:07
Two weeks ago, I jumped for joy when I logged onto on my iPad, and discovered that I could work on my puzzles.  That's how I knew that you had changed the format.

I did not use the iPad for puzzling for a week, and now, when I go to, I am directed to download the app.  I am so disappointed!  I already had the app, and the puzzles there are inane.  What I want to be able to do is work on what I'm doing on my computer.

I am considering the use of my iPad as my primary computer.  I would hate to give up my enjoyment of these puzzles.

Can you explain why there was that brief "open window" that is now gone?

Thanks for providing me with hours and hours of enjoyment!
Kathee Williams
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RE: iPad use
19.12.12 15:21 kot odgovor na Kathleen Tomlin.
for the iPad there are two possibilities how to solve griddlers:
- web browser - only Lite section works. It is made in Javascript, the puzzles are random in three categories and the control is not native iPad, it is quite difficult to solve puzzles there
- native iPad application - it is available on iTunes . There are 60 puzzles built-in plus you can buy additional bundles.
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