Error in Puzzle

More skyscrapers with multiple solutions - 2108,2109,2110

I haven't saved any screenshots, but these three had multiple solutions.
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RE: More skyscrapers with multiple solutions - 2108,2109,2110
1.1.13 10:11 kot odgovor na Lowan Falcke.
Thanks for letting us know. It's hard to work blindly but we'll manage. In case you are right and we find that the puzzles (1 or 2 or 3 or all) have multiply solutions we will remove them and recalculate the scores for everyone.

Apologies again, though I must say it is strange because the puzzles were published on October 2011, more than a year ago. A lot of users already solved those puzzles and nobody said anything for 15 month (!). It doesn't mean that you are wrong. As I wrote above - we are going to check it.

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