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Dragon (id 10158-10173)

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Dragon (id 10158-10173)
2005-02-04 22:57
Hi everyone,

This was not a very easy question for me, because there are sooooo many amazing and interesting puzzles on this site it is hard to pick out one. But after some thought I decided it had to be TNT's dragon (id 10158-10173). First of all, it is an absolutely stunning picture, second of all it is in black and white (for some reason I like those best), third of all it is a multi without triangles (which is extremely hard to make, believe me, I know!!!) and finally it consists of individual puzzles that are fun, not too difficult and very logical, so no guesses required. :thumbup:

I visit almost all of the griddler pages frequently (except the themes, lessons and extra tools pages, I hope I got them right, I am looking at the dutch names at this moment). I don't visit the triddlers pages at all, I have solved about 10 of them I think. I just like griddlers better emoticon

I hope to see and meet all of you at the meeting this friday (I will be there this time, I have got 2 weeks holiday!!!!! :occasion7: )


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Re: Dragon (id 10158-10173)
2007-11-22 05:59 som svar till dreamtheater.
I decided I would check out this puzzle and it's pretty good so far, although I would like to recommend puzzle 51873 by Oscar which is also a dragon.

RE: Dragon (id 10158-10173)
2013-08-30 19:59 som svar till dreamtheater.
nice puzzleemoticon

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