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A trip into the past ..

A trip into the past ..
2007-04-18 14:55
:sign7: Just lately I've been on a bit of a mission to go back a few years :clock: and revisit some of the 'old' Griddlers from the early days .. kind of like a personal 'journey into the past' you might say :glasses10:

Very much to my surprise some of the very same Griddlers I was struggling :scratch: with a few years ago all seem so much easier now .. :thumbleft:

:dontknow: And I am amazed that I keep coming across multi's I've started, but not completed all the parts of .. and yet I can't remember doing any of the individual pieces .. I know a couple of years is a long time .. but to completely forget doing something is a bit of a worry :confused1:

:hello: And the reason I am telling you all this .. is because I am really enjoying :love2: working on some of the old Griddlers .. from authors who perhaps are not so active now .. some of the styles of design are quite different to what our super authors are making now in 2007 :notworthy:

So if you are looking for an interesting Griddler .. or just want to try something different .. go back to the start of Griddlers and try a few of Griddlers 'Golden Oldies' .. and I think you will enjoy what you find :occasion7:
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RE: A trip into the past ..
2010-05-02 15:42 som svar till patootie.
3 years later ... and having taken a couple of years away from Griddlers ... mainly for personal reasons ..

Do you know I could have sat and written almost the exact same post today .. three years on .. because I am once again re-revisiting 'old' authors again ... catching up with multi's I'd started and left half done .. in the couple of years I'd been away there has been another noticable change in how the Griddlers are designed .. probably more to do with this auto maker author thing than in the authors themselves ..

I'm not sure it has improved the design quality of the 'auto' made Griddlers .. but it clearly has improved the quantity .. flippin' norah .. the 'new' Griddlers come thick and fast and in huge batches now .. so plenty of good stuf to pick and choose from .. new or old .. always a challenge .. and always satisfying to complete .. thank you all ...
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