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2009-10-18 17:38
Im new on this and i want some help if there are some nice 2-colours, not just black and white. Anyone know? thanksemoticon

RE: 2-colours
2009-10-18 18:08 som svar till Smygis.

Welcome to our site!

Some authors do change the colors of 2-colors into something else than plain Black and White. However, as the logic for solving is exactly the same, you will find them in the categories of the B&W puzzles. The only way to find them is to browse through the B&W puzzles. The information screen of each puzzle will show you the actual colors that are used. It will take some time to find them though.

What kind of puzzles are you looking for? Small or large, easy or hard? Each type will have some with different colors. A nice example of one of the most popular 2 colored puzzles that is not B&W is 12150 - Horse by RTM. It's quite hard though, with a midtime of over 2 hours. A very simple puzzle is 38611 - Minimalism: Terrifying Eyes by shadow2097.

Enjoy the puzzles and have fun solving!


RE: 2-colours
2009-10-18 21:26 som svar till Smygis.
You can change colors.

For example - open puzzle 84158 - Black Rose, double-click on a black clue and move the top slider to the right. The finished puzzle will be a RED Black Rose.

In other words, a black and white puzzle can be any color you like.


RE: 2-colours
2009-10-19 17:21 som svar till hagitm.
Very nice, tyvm emoticon

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