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How do you decide points for a puzzle?

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I wonder how the points are estimated. I have just solved the Wiking boat which should be the most difficult black/white. But I found it more easy than most other.
Is it just a question of how many black cells?

RE: How do you decide points for a puzzle?
2010-04-27 20:36 som svar till emilboeg.
You'll find the answer HERE along with some other questions such as "Why do some puzzles get high point ratings yet are relatively easy to solve, while other puzzles are much harder to solve but have much lower point ratings?"


RE: How do you decide points for a puzzle?
2013-08-31 21:42 som svar till hagitm.
Danke, für die Antwort. Die Frage habe ich mir auch schon bei so manchem Griddler gestellt, wobei ich die leichten mit vielen Punkten dankbar annehme. emoticon

RE: How do you decide points for a puzzle?
2015-03-11 07:54 som svar till hagitm.
I've read the explanation of how points are calculated for a puzzle.
I suggest that the algorithm developed for points calculation will define a starting point and have the system adjust the point score, over time, based on time statistics it takes to solve the puzzle. This way puzzles which take short time to solve = easier puzzles will be scored lower than puzzles which take more time to solve = harder puzzles.

RE: How do you decide points for a puzzle?
2015-03-11 08:09 som svar till roniziv.
Yes, it wouldl be the best however in the system where the puzzle value is changing in the time there are other problems.
First it is expensive recalculate all scores for all users. 
What to do with monthly charts of top solvers?

It is always better to hove fixed value for one puzzle even if it is not the best metric.


RE: How do you decide points for a puzzle?
2015-03-11 08:33 som svar till Ra100.
Hi Rasto,
thanks for your quick response.
The job that recalculates the score is a background job and can run once every period of time so it is not really relevant that the job is "expensive" in calculation terms. CPU time is very inexpensive these days.

The montly top list would be calculated based on the puzzle score at the time the user solved it. For sure one can solve a puzzle with a high score and another user would solve the same puzzle a month later and get a lower score if it turned out that the puzzle is easy. Over time, after hundreds and thousands of users solving the puzzle, the score would stabilize.

We can even have the score dynamic where if a user solves a puzzle much faster/slower than the mean time it takes to solve the puzzle he'd get a bonus (positive or negative) on the base score based on his position in the distribution of times it takes to solve this puzzle.
The only thing we need in order to implement this is keep track of puzzle solving time for all users (anonymously) and have this time distribution kept over time for each puzzle. For users solving puzzles offline using the iGridd we can upload their statistics when they are online.


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