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"Last calls list"...

"Last calls list"...
17.2.05 6:49
One more idea for this site... I'll try to explain it as good as possible!

I've came accross some very good griddlers by different links all over the site. If this were single griddlers that I saved it was no problem finding them again. But I've found myself in the situation where I was browsing the site like crazy thinking "where is this darn link" :banghead: , in situations where I was solving a multi and I solved a piece or two and I've had no saves.

One day I feel like solving Untitled, second day I feel like solving Last supper, third day I feel like solving some other multigirddler. The problem is that you can only have up to 3 different saves of choices.

So my idea is something like that we all have in our mobile phones... "last calls list" so we don't have to go in address book and browse for some numbers again and again. A list where you can see the last 20 or more griddlers that you were solving. And it would be nice if on this page was direct link to the griddlers listed.

I hope my writing makes sence... I think this "last calls list" emoticon would be very practical and useful... and it would improve this grat site alot!!!


BTW:Hey, do I get any "patent rights" for great ideas? :laughing6:
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Re: "Last calls list"...
18.2.05 19:47 jako reakce na Matija.
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...this show 30 last solved griddlers
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