Validation Bubbles
7.3.05 19:43
This is a suggestion for the Griddler Workshop Creators.

Creating large multi's is fun, the only part that i guess bothers me about creating them, is waiting for the validation to finish, then seeing what doesnt vaildate(the little bubbles on the ones that dont) and then trying to remember where it was that didnt validate because the bubbles dissapear after you click one square.

What my suggestion is, and i am sure you can see where i am headed with this one is it would be nice if the validation bubbles stayed, until that part had been validated.

I am not sure if this can be done. I know that the workshops are hard work to create.

Thanks in advance, and thanks for the great workshops, they sure have advanced since i joined this site!

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Re: Validation Bubbles
15.3.05 0:08 jako reakce na Lindsay.
i find it anoying too, i need t revalidate and revalidate, to figure out where my bubbles where,
a little tip, maybe you can take a screenshot and look at the scrrenshot to see what parts need adjustments, i do it like that but it does take a lot of screenshots
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