19.4.05 15:29
After the wonderfull Triddler-improvements (thank you Ra! :thumbup: ) I discovered that I am getting greedy! I want more! :help:

1 I hate solving triddlers created in the Y-orientation. That means there are vertical instead of horizontal lines. (besides the oblique ones of course) And because I hate to solve them, I (as an author) discarded some very nice ideas for Triddlers, because they could only be created in that direction. Could you invent a possibility to turn a picture 90 degrees while solving it? :roll:
2. I have some problems lately finding nice ideas to realise in the small Triddler-grid. :banghead: And because I want my triddlers te be difficult and beatiful I hope we will have multitriddlers one day! And already a two-part Triddler (one above, one below, would help a lot!!)

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