22.3.09 11:44

Is there a way to exclude kiddlers from a search? I often find those less fun for me to solve and if I want the fast or small ones I hardly get anything else in my search
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RE: Non-kiddlers
22.3.09 12:59 jako reakce na freia123.
There is no way to exclude the Kiddlers from the rest of the puzzles. The reason they are there is to provide kids with nice and easy puzzles, without having to browse through all of the lists. But in fact, nearly every puzzle with less than 7 minutes of solving time is considered a Kiddler, unless the image is not considered appropriate. So if you don't like Kiddlers, you probably won't like the puzzles that are skipped either. Try sorting the puzzles on popularity to find the ones with the best images!

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