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Alt-key and maintaining the list preferences

I have the new applet. Its a lot faster, thank you.

Two things I miss, could you please add them?

1. Being able to press ALT+ dragging the mouse to fill in a block of squares at once.

2. Maintaining the list preferences. It goes back to the default list too much.

Thank you for all your efforts!
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Re: Alt-key and maintaining the list preferences
17-01-07 05:37 som svar til Veronica.

Did you discover the free, line and area options on top of the puzzle screen? Anymore you don't have to press ALT-key to draw a rectangular area. You can just choose the area-mode by left-clicking that button or you can switch between the modes with space bar. You can puzzle singlehanded. emoticon

As for maintaining the listing options, did you check the help page for saving the lists? You can save up to 25 lists both to single and multi griddlers. Does that help?
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