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B&W triddlers: looking for advanced strategies

I'm stuck on a a difficult B&W triddler at a very early stage. I think I'm missing some advanced strategies to solve it.
Here's where I am now and the explanation how I got there (the triddler doesn't fit the page, so it's just a zoom of the bottom part where all my assigned triangles are; the full puzzle is Brain by Hertseltsur).

1- Very few clues (marked in red) allowed me assign some triangles with the classic "cross and circles" basic method of griddlers.
2- I could assign just 8 background triangles with the clues marked in blue as follows:
+ The "11" on the bottom right makes it impossible for the first two triangles of the corresponding row to be black, because it would make the block end next to or in the middle of two assigned black triangles;
+ The triangle on just over these two on the edge cannot be black because the corresponding clue on the left is "5";
+ The 5 unassigned triangles on at the bottom of the right edge cannot correspond to the clue "5" of this line. If they were black, there would be a white gap on the raw just next due to left clues "4" and "2", but that couldn't match the corresponding "18" clue starting this line.

So 17 black triangles and 8 white triangles, and I'm stuck. No useful "1" clues to help on the edges that could help identify breaks along the egdes either.

Anyone know what's next move?

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RE: B&W triddlers: looking for advanced strategies
15.05.18 20:15 als Antwort auf . ..
In the top right you have a 13 and a 5 (you have a blue square around it)Place the 13 at the top of the row and you will notice that the lower triangle can't fit (4 triangles on the diagonal will  produce a set of 3 horizontally and you can only have 2 there) 12 triangles have  been eliminated. Keep placing the 13 triangles until you find a place where it may fit removing a triangle from the top and adding 1 at the bottom until you find a suiutable space. You can also do the same thing with the single 13 going upwards in the top corner.
Hope it helps.
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RE: B&W triddlers: looking for advanced strategies
02.06.19 06:17 als Antwort auf Edgar Martineau.
This was so helpful to me too, thanks!
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