puzzle not saving possible cause.

puzzle not saving possible cause.
20.06.19 09:15
Like others over the last several months I have had problems with completed puzzles not being captured as complete and having to re do.   There appeared to be no rhyme nor reason as to why this occurred seemingly randomly.   However today I completed one puzzle and noticed (as is often the case) that the midtime of the puzzle as shown in the list of puzzles was different from that shown by the puzzle itself (in this case by about 2 minutes)  I then completed my next puzzle only to find it did not save/register as complete BUT I also noticed that the midtimes of the list of puzzles had just been updated as the previous puzzle was now consistent on the timings.   Do we need a buffer that can capture puzzle completions whilst the site updates itself or if there already is one does it need to be increased to cope with increased user traffic?   Hope this helps in the resolution of this irritating problem.
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