23/07/12 17:42
Ich hätte gerne eine Galerie, in der ich alle meine gelösten Griddlers etc. ansehen könnte. Oder in die ich die laden könnte, die mir besonders gefallen haben. Das wäre klasse.
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RE: Galerie
24/07/12 19:52 as a reply to Schnubsen ..
Hi Schnubsen,
Sorry that I won't answer in German - but I do hope you will understand me anyway.
There is a nice option to view all your solved puzzles if you use iGridd. With this applet you can create a list of your solved puzzles and browse through them one by one using the view option. You can zoom in and out etc and sort them by order of points or popularity. You can create lists for single puzzles, multis and Triddlers.

I hope this is what you are looking for!


PS Don't tell anyone, but I'm pretty sure this feature is also available if you are not subscribed to iGridd. But of course you will subscribe once you've found out about all the nice features iGridd provides. And more important - you will be helping the site to stay online!
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