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I GOT STUCK - ID 106848

I GOT STUCK - ID 106848
12/05/20 12:24
Hello,I got stuck with ID 106848.
Can anyone help me?Thank you!!
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RE: I GOT STUCK - ID 106848
12/05/20 12:47 as a reply to Elisabetta85 ..
Perfect puzzle to start using the x's and o's!

I started in the bottom rows of your unsolved puzzle, x's are places that CANNOT BE red, or light green (which means they CAN be dark green or background), o's are places that CANNOT BE red or dark green (which means they can be light green or background)
Now you can see immediately that in row 31 for example, there's only one place for the light green 2 to go.
My advise is not only start using these markers, but also check the blocks you HAVE filled in into a row and column, which makes it infinitely easier to check rows and columns.
Good luck, DT



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