23/01/13 21:36
As of today (january 23) there is a sidebar on the left of the page.
It gives info about the part of the site were I am.

What is this???
Do you guys don't think I know were I am?
I know on wich part of the site am, so I don't need to see it.
It takes a lot of space (5cm) of my screen.

Please, please get it out of there.
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RE: Sidebar?
24/01/13 7:12 en respuesta a Paula.
in fact this sidebar is not for you, I guess that guy who solved almost 12 thousands griddlers knows this site perfectly.
It is for new users to help them better navigate on the site and also a bit promote other types of puzzles.
In fact it does not take more space from your screen than before, becasue the size of it is the same as 2 columns which were there before.
Combinations of horizontal and vertical navigation, together with breadcrumbs follows the W3C accesibility guidelines.

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