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Stumbling Upon Once Again

In case you don't know me, I'm just a humble Griddler author who made 850 or so puzzles between December 2008 and May 2010. Perhaps you've tried some in my long series of puzzles featuring the "Alien" (my avatar) or been stumped by my handful of difficult small color Griddlers.

Anyway, I just stumbled upon this site again. It was amazing to read years upon years of built up comments.

I just want to share my story of how touched my life...

I put a lot of effort into Griddler puzzles during 2009. This was the end of my senior year in high school and my first semester in college, where I attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I didn't really realize it at the time (I think nobody does, that is the nature of the disease), but I was very depressed during this time period.
During my semester at MIT, my father was diagnosed with severe skin cancer and I had to go on leave from the school to assist my family in taking care of him. This of course did nothing good for my depression, which was also diagnosed around this time. Thinking about and making Griddlers was a welcome distraction from the realities of my father's Chemotherapy and my constant bleak mood. Logging in every once in a while to read encouraging comments of people who enjoyed my puzzles got me through a very tough time in my life.

I am not really sure, but in May I very suddenly dropped off the face of Perhaps it represented time wasted during my depression, or something else that I did not like, but I remember suddenly not wanting to go on the site. My father passed away from his illness a few months later and during the subsequent months and years I had no desire to do anything, online puzzle games included.

Now that I am re-applying to college 4 years later and feeling much better, I wanted to take the time to remember all the good memories I have of this site:
  • I remember my little Aliens, the puzzles that I'm sure most people associate me with. Alien started as a random little thing, but I realized the three eyes pattern made for some very difficult solving situations, and the little Alien himself wound up being so cute that I just churned out countless puzzles featuring him.
  • I remember that I spent so much time trying to create the hardest possible small color Griddler. I get a mischievous pleasure when I see my puzzles still firmly dominating the "longest mid time" for small color Griddlers. Even though the pictures are not so good, I remain proud of the challenge they represent.
  • I remember being inspired by tattoo designs for my "Stylized" series of Griddlers. I still really enjoy this style of art.
  • I remember slowly figuring out how to game the solver into creating puzzles with severely inflated point values, and trying (often to the detriment of the picture) to get really high point values. The challenge of figuring out the algorithm behind the point system really intrigued me, and it's cool to see I still have some of the highest point value small and medium puzzles.
  • I remember Cybertech Metropolis being the Griddler I was most proud of artistically. If only I could see the full picture again without having to solve the middle parts (they're really hard for me, still!)
  • I remember making Dead Tree by the Stream (Bob Ross Style). In addition to Griddlers, I listened to many of Bob Ross's calming videos during the hard time in my life. I wanted to make a puzzle to honor his unique style of painting, but in hindsight perhaps the limitations of a few black and white pixels was too much. I'm both amused and kind of embarrassed to see the comments on the puzzle contrasting how difficult the puzzle is with how... unsatisfying the end picture winds up being.
In the end, some of my puzzles have pictures that are not so good, others have solving that is not so interesting... but I am happy with all the work I put in to make puzzles on this site. It's a great feeling, knowing that my puzzles have entertained people long after I stopped visiting the site regularly. I'm sad to hear that Hagit has passed away but at the same time I am very happy to see the site still going strong.

Maybe I will stick around now and make a few more puzzles, you never know emoticon

Thanks for reading,
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RE: Stumbling Upon Once Again
2.12.2013 7:46 vastaus kirjoittajalle hi19hi19.
I read your story and happy to hear you're much better I hope for you it'll continue that way. You're (as always) welcome back.
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RE: Stumbling Upon Once Again
2.12.2013 15:05 vastaus kirjoittajalle hi19hi19.
It is amazing how this website is part of the life of so many people. I never solved one of your puzzles because I am mostly a triddler solver. Good to hear that you beated your depression, it is really not easy. I am also a triddler author and understand the pleasing feeling which is to know that your puzzles are still being solved long after you have created them.
kind regards
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RE: Stumbling Upon Once Again
24.1.2014 3:10 vastaus kirjoittajalle Ana Lili.
hi19hi19, have you really been gone that long?  I always looked forward to your little aliens, and I'm glad you're back, even if just passing through.  As long as you're stopping by, why not throw another of those little aliens our way!
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