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New windows igridd aplet won't open

New windows igridd aplet won't open
23.12.2019 22:24
I downloaded the Windows version of the new igridd aplet interface.  Everything went well until I got to the login page, where I got this message:  javax.net.ssl.SSLEXCEPTION: Connection reset

I've tried it multiple times, same message.
Please help, thanks!
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RE: New windows igridd aplet won't open
24.12.2019 8:06 vastaus kirjoittajalle Kirsten Dahl.
Hi Kirsten
I did test the application and it seems to be fine here. Just to be sure I did reset the server for ssl.
So what we can do:
- try the application again
- try the webstart version of the same application http://www.igridd.com/igridd.jnlp ( requires Java 8 )

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