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Fantasy Alphabet - a journey to fantasyland and a game

Hello everyone,

I would like to invite you all on a journey into fantasyland, where you will meet all sorts of interesting characters. Some will try to help you on your way, some will try with all of their malicious power to make it very difficult for you, but I can assure you that it will be a journey you will remember for the rest of your life.

To make the journey even more interesting, the author of the wonderful pictures created a poem which explains all of the characters. Some of the characters are very clear and well-known, others are more obscure and known only to very few. Of course everyone can have a go at figuring out the names of the characters themselves, that will make the puzzle not only a griddler-challenge, but also a challenge of mind.

For those of you who would try a guess at the different pictures, write the name of the character in a message to me (after you have finished the puzzle), and I will reply with a quoted line from the poem with the character's name.

For those of you who think that they have enough challenge with the puzzles alone, write me a message, and I will send you the entire poem with all the character names. Maybe they will be of help in solving the puzzles.

All in all, I hope you like the series, and I wish you all a lot of fun in solving the 26 puzzles.

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