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too small - is there a way to zoom the java app?

My laptop's default resolution is 1920x1200 pixels. A 20x20 grid in the java app takes up about 1/12 of the screen (1/3 of the height and 1/4 of the width). Even with reading glasses, they are unworkable at that size. I'm not going to change my computer's resolution just to play a game, especially one that can be played along with alternating spurts of work. Is there a way to change the application to make the puzzles larger, and thus playable? Thanks.
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RE: too small - is there a way to zoom the java app?
6/7/09 2:01 PM as a reply to brak brak.
Actually it is possible to enlarge a puzzle, just click at the + symbol at the left side of the puzzle. However, it won't remember the scale you used for the next puzzle. These kind of improvements won't be made anymore to the basic applet of the site. If you want this, you need to subscribe to iGridd. It does open each new puzzle at the scale you used for the last one. It also remembers the colors if you changed them and saved a puzzle - next to a lot of other nice features!

Have fun solving.

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