Problem with saved puzzle data

Problem with saved puzzle data
4/28/07 7:36 AM
This afternoon during the G-Match I saved the triddler I was working on. Now when I return to it, the data is incorrect. I am using iGridd.

I was solving triddler 3085 Cities of Slovakia: Chtelnica. It has a red background with black, yellow, and white. It is (31+16)x(16+28)x4.

When I go to Saved Puzzles there is just one triddler, but it says it is triddler 3252 Cities of Slovakia: Karna. This puzzle has a white background with black, red, and green and is (31+15)x(16+28)x4.
When I open the saved puzzle, it has the image from the puzzle I solved. The clues are in black, yellow, and white, but they do not match the image. They seem to match the clues from the actual Karna puzzle, which I can pull up using the old applet.

If I go to the puzzle I actually saved, it does not show a record that it is saved but it does pull up the clues correctly.

I tried restarting iGridd and there was no change. It seems I could still solve both puzzles, and the saved data is not completely lost.
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Re: Problem with saved puzzle data
4/28/07 4:01 PM as a reply to Kylie Harman.
The good news - look at your saved triddlers list and try the puzzle again. I believe you'll get the correct data now.

The bad news - I can't reproduce the problem. Meaning - if it is a general bug and not a one-time even, we don't have enough info to fix it.

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