"Validate" function in Workshop is incorrect

Hi there, great site!

Hm... I wasn't sure as for where my question should have gone so I posted it here:
When creating my own puzzles, some of them are rejected by the Validate function, as if there were more than one solution to the puzzle. I know for sure that all of them are solvable and not even one has got more than one way to solve.
You can even try it for yourself, if you like:

Open the Workshop applet.
Resize the board to the minimum of 5X5.
Fill the following cells:
* line 1, cells 1, 2, 4, 5;
* line 2, cells 2, 4;
* line 3, cell 3;
* line 4, cells 1, 5;
* line 5, cells 2, 3, 4.
If you did it right, you would get a smiley.
Or you may just draw its mouth (2 bottom lines), which forces the error.

Now, validate the puzzle.
It is rejected.
Take a blank sheet of paper, or in Paint, try to solve the puzzle.
As you MUST realize at this point, the only solution is that very smiley.

So as I said, many correct puzzles are being rejected, whilst I'd been working quite hard on them.
I do ask of the creater of that applet to be aware of the issue.

Many thanks in advance.
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RE: "Validate" function in Workshop is incorrect
10/1/08 8:26 PM as a reply to a k.

The puzzle you created is solvable with one solution only, that's true, but you can only solve it by what we call Multi Line Solving techniques (MLS). You need to combine the clues of rows and columns at the same time to find the solution.
The puzzles in this site are all solvable with Single Line Solving (SLS) only. Every next step can be found by looking at one row or column at a time. It's a choice that has been made by the founders of the site and I don't think it's going to be changed.

It might be fun to have it for small puzzles, but I think a 50x50 could become much more difficult if MLS was the only way to solve it and you want to solve it by logic alone. As we already have a lot of puzzles with a mid time of several hours, I don't think we need even harder ones!

Anyway, welcome to the site! I noticed you already managed to get some puzzle published, and that's quite an achievement for a new user for sure!

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RE: "Validate" function in Workshop is incorrect
10/2/08 6:00 PM as a reply to Jelga ..
Yeah, I already figured that was how the validator was programmed, but the thing is that one of my puzzles uses nothing but the ordinary SLS technique, and still it’s being rejected. I could e-mail you that picture for you to see it for yourself. Something about that function is just not right.
By the way, I don’t find it much wise to completely exclude MLS puzzles from the site. While the difficulty of an ordinary puzzle is determined exclusively by its size, solving the “Hard” puzzles can often get more frustrating than tough (can’t think of anything more exhausting that counting the overloops of 24,6,13 in a row of 50). Alternately, many MLSes often require the use of advanced logic when very close to the solution (at least 85% is complete), which I think makes the puzzle way more interesting, and really not that hard to solve. I know that decision is not up to you, but still... emoticon
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RE: "Validate" function in Workshop is incorrect
10/4/08 10:06 AM as a reply to a k.
Once time I saw validator, which was solving MLSs. Finding solution of medium griddler took him ages... I think our Validator is a good one, and it don't need to be changed.
If a griddler is in 85% solvable by SLS, then most probably you need to change only some squares to make it solvable.
It's not so easy to create good B&W SLS, so creating them gives much logical fun to author emoticon
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RE: "Validate" function in Workshop is incorrect
10/6/08 2:43 PM as a reply to Michał S..
Well, with all due respect to your validator, as I said earlier, I have found a SLS puzzle that it rejects. Just to make sure, I solved that puzzle manually a few times. It's 100% SLS.

As for MLSs, it's not that hard to turn an easy MLS into SLS, but doing so not only harms the picture, but also makes the puzzle a whole lot simpler to solve. Obviously, this contradicts the idea of making the MLS in the first place.
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