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A save function for the puzzle creator

Could you please make a save button for the puzzle creator, so I won't have to finish a puzzle in one sitting? (if space is a problem you can limit this for one puzzle per user).

Even more important An undo button. Sometimes I have a nice picture that is unsolvable, and in trying to make it solvable I spoil it, and can't go back to that beautiful picture... ( Can this be added?

Thanks for listening
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Re: A save function for the puzzle creator
5/1/03 11:56 AM as a reply to Tally Axel.
OOOOOOOO! That would be nice. I know you can make the puzzle up in another application BUT to make up the high difficulty puzzles (or even just to get the puzzle solvable) you need to be in the workshop to use the Check button. One change to a cell can mean the puzzle changes from 2 million to just 500K or even worse -- unsolvable. So it would be nice to save the puzzle, make a few changes to see how they go and then disregard them if they don't work out. This would be much easier than remembering what exact cells were changed and changing them back.
Instead of the Undo button we could just leave the workshop and get back in again to have the puzzle restored.
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