11/26/10 3:26 PM
Hello! I've been an avid user of and the iGridd computer app for several years now. I recently got an iPhone and noticed that while there are a few griddler puzzle apps available, they're not associated with this site and are not nearly the same quality. I think it would be wonderful if the iGridd app currently available for computer download could be re-worked for release on the iPhone! I would love to see it as a free download but would also pay for the app as well. I hope this might be possible! =o)
Thank you!!!
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RE: iPhone
11/26/10 5:54 PM as a reply to ezpit Elise.
now I am going to tell you a secret. Just today we have accepted iGridd application for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad.
We must prepare some things before it comes online but I can promise you before christmas it will be on iTunes.

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