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Geocaching and Number Logic Puzzles

Geocaching and Number Logic Puzzles
10/12/11 10:37 AM
Could I use a few of NLPs for the Mystery geocache?

Basic idea is geocacher must have to solve NLP before get right numbers for the Geocache koordinates. Of course a many type of them, Killer, Greater/Less Than, Kakuro and so on... When NLPs are solved cache location will be revealed.
I may not link anything, only picture of NLP is enough for me. Maybe some help link is needed, such as:
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RE: Geocaching and Number Logic Puzzles
10/12/11 10:49 AM as a reply to Jack Horror Backley.

you can use link to the puzzle directly. Choose the puzzle which solved can give the clue to geocache, for instance first row of numbers is part of coordinate.
It can be used for guest users too.

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