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Summer Party in Griddlers Chatroom - Saturday, August 2nd

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You are cordially invited to take part in

The party will take place in the Chat room
on Saturday, August 2nd (2.8.2003) at
21:00 CET - 20:00 GMT - 15:00 EST

Our beloved site has decided it wants a feast and has found
the following events worth noting, and celebrating:
It is 14 months and 1 day old.
It has had the new version for 47 days.
It has supplied 239,829 hours of fun to all users.

We have decided to join the feast and found the following events worth celebrating too:
* Ra100 is going to be without a computer for two full weeks.
* hagitm is going to complete the research about the Ants Behavior.
* TNT is going to be a father of... 200 offsprings.
* wiggles is going to celebrate her incredibly cheap husband forking over alot of money for a van.
* janndvorakk is going to celebrate his invention: a program for Turing machine that passes through a Turing test.
* puzzeltje and her daughter have finally made it to be No 1 in a weekly game, after being 16 continuous hours online. They will never do that again.
* Talanimal is going to celebrate life as we know it, would be willing to celebrate life as we DON'T know it, had she known anything about it. Besides, it's her birthday!

Have you any other special event you want to tell us about?
Send an instant message to griddlers_team.
Free beverage will be served at the lounge.
No charge for the snacks, chips, and popcorn either.

People who plan to attend the party - please fill in your profiles in advance. It will save us from having to ask where you are from etc, and let us concentrate on more important party things.
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